Conférences autour du risque chimique

Chemical Safety Day 2020 : The conferences

Quarks Services and Erlab are joining forces for « Chemical Safety Day »

What is Chemical Safety Day?

Chemical Safety Day in an online conference that discusses the risks associated with using and storing chemicals. The relevant topics are presented by experts in their fields and the conference is open to all professionals who experience chemical risks from industrial risk control to laboratory use and stock management.

Why create this event?

Quark Services have organized and presented #ChemicalSafetyDay as a benefit to the community for over four years. In the past the conference, which is dedicated to discussing risks associated with the use of chemicals, targeted a French speaking audience only.
This year, due to a partnership with Erlab, Inc. who are experts in the design of air filtration systems for the protection of laboratory personnel, Quarks have decided to present the event in English.

Understanding REACH and TSCA (similarities and differences)

Heidi MATHEVON – EHS Manager – (Quarks Safety)

TSCA and REACH, two different legislations, born on different continents, contexts, and timelines, but both with a common purpose: « Protect health and environment from chemicals and ensure business as well « . Substances, mixtures, substances of very high concern, articles, what exactly do they cover and what are their requirements. It can be difficult to compare two giants even if they have the same goal, anyway, during this presentation we will try to understand which are the similarities and the differences between them, and how-to compliance.

Choosing Containment Devices Based Upon Risk Assessment

Ken CROOKS – Director, GFH Technology (ERLAB)

Ken will present and discuss the link between hazardous risk assessments and choosing the appropriate containment device.  This will be focused on safety and sustainability and the advantages/disadvantages of each type of commonly used containment device.

Process approach and continual improvement of chemical management

Heidi MATHEVON – EHS Manager – (Quarks Safety)

In France, 89% of companies use and handle chemicals. One in three employees report having been exposed to at least one chemical at their workplace.
In science and technology centers, but also in industry, the variety and quantity of chemicals entering and leaving is very wide.

In addition to new product development activities, laboratories sometimes carry out quality controls on raw materials, among others. Chemical management must therefore be efficient. A project mode vision as well as the consideration of continuous improvement approach for chemical management is required.

Balancing Chemical Inventory Regulations and Risk Assessment


Pam will discuss the challenges with managing chemical inventories, keeping the SDS database up to date and readily available and the approval process for using new chemicals.  Areas of improvement and lessons learned will also be presented.

Le Quarks Safety Day revient le mercredi 13 mars 2024 à Besançon !

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